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The carver master-factory will be carried on by Franz Lechner in the second generation.
He finished his training at the technical-school for carver and carpenter in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and works a view years by Lang sel. Erben in Oberammergau as a companion.
After his master exams in Garmisch an Munich he started his own business.

Franz Lechner works in business, churchly an private field. The carving works was primary build in Linden wood, Weymouth's pine and Oak wood.The works would be plated in gold, pickled or delivered in nature.

A part of the sculptures are reproductions of old masters of gothic and baroque and would send with expertise.
we produce for your own wishes and conceivability's too.

We send our sculptures in Germany and all of Europe (Switzerland, Italia, Austria and Norway) also to the rest of the world like USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan.


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